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Presentation files from the Central Coast Bioneers Conference 2014:

DREAMING THE SALINAS From the Mountains to the Sea: Visioning a Salinas River for Life A watershed is not defined by political boundaries, but by its natural and social resources. The Salinas River has for decades been treated as two separate rivers: one within SLO County; the other in Monterey County. The time has come to vision a unified watershed plan for the Salinas River and for stakeholders to collaborate at a watershed-wide scale to ensure protection and conservation of these resources for future generations of farmers, fishermen, kayakers, trout, frogs, alders, willows and all the other species depending on them. Gretchen Hayes, a scientist, environmental planner and principal with Tessera Sciences, will talk about how the Napa River watershed community was successful in funding and implementing their watershed management plan through the establishment of reach scale private-public partnerships. The stakeholders who have implemented the Napa River Restoration Rutherford Reach Restoration Project believe that the collaborative private-public partnership they have established will serve as a model for other river restoration efforts throughout the state. Gretchen will bring some lessons learned from the Napa project and make recommendations that could be applied to the Salinas River. She will be joined by Devin Best, Executive Director of the Upper Salinas-Las Tables Resource Conservation District, who is returning for his third presentation at Dreaming the Salinas, and Bob Fredenburg, Chief Consultant for the California State Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials. Bob will talk about the management strategy being developed for the Salinas River watershed and the elements and partnerships he believes are critical to the formation of an effective watershed management plan.

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Dreaming the Salinas Panel From the Mountains to the Sea

Gretchen Hayes
Presentation File: Gretchen Hayes - Visioning a Salinas River for Life - Download Presentation (PDF)

Devin Best
Presentation File: Devin Best - Changing the Upside Down River - Download Presentation (PDF)

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